grief photoMother’s Day means so many things to different people.  Mother’s Day is a day set aside to recognize all mothers or persons whom have acted as mothers.  Mothers are sometimes not the woman who birthed you but she is the woman who supported you through thick and thin, doctored you when you were sick, listened to you when nobody else cared and loved you no matter what.  You could always depend on a mother to pick you up when you are down.  No matter what disagreements have come and gone, a mother’s love endures.

Mother’s Day is one of the most deserved and recognized days of the year.  It is a day when we tell our Mothers how much we love them and appreciate them.  It is also a day mothers look forward too because they know their most precious jewels will make them smile by showing them how much they appreciate and love them.  Many are flourished with special dinners, cards, flowers, gifts and moments.  Some are just happy to be able to hear their children’s voice.  No matter the method of communication when a child shows love to his mother, Mother’s Day usually leaves memories that mothers take to the grave with them.

My mother died about 20 years ago.  I still remember her teachings, scoldings, support and most of all love she showed me.  20 years later, I still have cards and mementos she gave me for inspiration and motivation.  I know my mother’s love still endures.

The best day of my life was when I became a mother.  Even though I went through long hard labors, the reward outweighed the pain.  My first child Shenita, a girl; someone to dress up, teach to become a young lady and groom for woman hood.  Shenita has become an amazing young woman and I thank God for her every day.  Shenita has been a gift and I am very proud of her.





Sometimes we try everything we can to make life flow smoothly, however the bumps keep coming.  The trials and tribulations of life weighs heavily on many of us.  We make plans and life gets in the way.  We set goals and nothing seems to occur. Sometimes, we seem to being moving forward to achieving our dreams and we have set backs. We are taught to have faith and nothing still occurs. Everything we try, we seem to fail.

There are times when life just does not seem fair. Sometimes we fall in love and in a moment’s notice, we we lose our love. Many times we get lost in our losses. We work yet we don’t make enough money to cover our bills and achieve our comfort levels. We go to church and pray yet our prayers don’t seem to be answered. We think that we have found love and are off-times disappointed and hurt. We loose our loved ones and when people ask us how are we doing, we get tired of saying ok when we know we really are not. We get so tired of trying and nothing happens. We become weak and worried.

We wait for justice to be served through the courts and are often disappointed in it’s outcomes.

Whatever your issues are and no matter how many bumps in the road we encounter, we cannot give up!

All I know is that many of us are Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired! Many times we feel like throwing in the towel.  Amazingly though, The Anima Series presents powerful words that just might  help you hang that towel back up!   Enjoy!





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