Happy Mother’s Day!

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A mother is Love. A mother is strength. A mother is a nurturer? A mother is one of the most patient people on earth. A mother can be biological or not. She gives many chances and have taken much crap from her Young  yet she  stands strong behind them.  She takes care of her young or the young she has come to know as her children.  A mother is a teacher doctor and a preacher.

 A mother is forgiving. When she is at the end of her rope  and think she is about to brake – her rope gets a little longer and she gives her child just one more chance.
 A mother teaches right from wrong. She not only talk the talk she walks the walk. A mother recognizes that children learn by example. A good mother is Godly.
There are many who can quote you every scripture in the bible but do not live by them.  A good mother  teaches by example.
A mother is an inspiration.  She is dependable in times of need. She creates memories that last beyond life or when there is nothing else to hang on too.
Many of us mothers have lost all children to murder By the hands of the evil.  Let us know that the memories we hold today are what we created yesterday. When we separate from our children we embrace the memories we shared through the good times and the bad.
Know that as long as we have breath in our bodies there is still time to embrace the children we have left here on Earth and create new memories that will leave a smile in the hearts of those left behind when we are no longer together.
My mother was all of those things and I miss her dearly!
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers from www.survivingmurder1.com


melissa cowan

In April, 2014, Melissa Cowan (27) and her husband Carrington Joesph (27) appeared on a National Syndicated Talk Show “The Trisha Show” in an attempt for Melissa to save her marriage.  She wanted to prove to her husband that she had been faithful to him.  He had also questioned the paternity of their 4-month old twin babies that were proven to be his babies from the lie detector test Melissa took on the show.  Two weeks later, on May 2, 2014, Melissa and Carrington engaged in a heated argument and Melissa attempted to leave the home.  Melissa’s 18 year old sister was in the home with them and attempted to call the police for help when Carrington threatened her.  She managed to escape the home and ran out screaming hysterically for help.  As Melissa’s twins set in their car seats ready to leave with their mother, Carrington went to the kitchen and grabbed several knives from the drawers.  He first stabbed Melissa in the back as she tried to exit the home.  Melissa fell out of the door and her sister and a neighbor attempted to pull her away from him.  Carrington put a knife to her head.  He pulled Melissa back into the house by her hair and continued to stab her 82 times breaking several knives in her before she took her last breath in front of her 4 month old twins.

The police arrived minutes after the call was dispatched, Carrington still had a knife in his hands and blood from Melissa had splashed everywhere including over the twins.  There was so much blood splattered over the twins from their mother that they could not identify the boy from the girl.  Upon his arrest, he showed no remorse.  In addition to the twins, this heinous murder left 5 children motherless.

Carrington was charged with murder and was facing the death penalty.  However, Melissa’s family agreed to have him tried in front of a Judge instead so they would not have to endure the years of repeat trauma going in and out of court a death penalty involves.


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