Opioid Crisis and The White House: A National Emergency of Mixed Messages

Josh DuBose, a free-lance reporter and graduate student at Harvard reports “Mixed Messages on Opioid Crisis and the White House”.


A little more than a week ago, on August 10, President Trump announced plans to declare a national emergency in lieu of the nation’s crisis of opioid overdose deaths. According to the White House’s own survey, opioid related fatalities now kill 142 Americans every single day.

Just two days earlier, however, on August 8, Trump said his administration’s approach to battling the addiction epidemic would come in the form of law-and-order. “Strong law enforcement is absolutely vital to having a drug-free society,” the president told a room of assembled advisors and reporters.

The about-face  from beefing-up law enforcement ranks to declaring a national emergency has…….http://joshdubose.com/2017/08/18/opioid-crisis-white-house-national-emergency-mixed-messages/



In October 2011, the Massachusetts Superior Court sentenced Blayn Jiggetts, an an accomplice of Jabrai Copney in the murder of Justin Cosby to serve 9-12 years for his role in Justin Cosby’s murder.  It has not been 8 years yet and he  had the audacity to petition the Massachusetts State Board of Appeals for an early release on February 23, 2011.

Blayn Jiggetts appeared before a Parole Hearings panel and spoke of activities and programs he has participated in since he has been locked up.

Impact statements were delivered by Justin’s mother Denise and his Aunt Joyce. They reminded the Court how much pain and trauma this predator has caused Justin’s family, friends and the Community in which he lived.  The family spoke of the trauma of losing Justin so young to murder because of someone else’s selfishness.  Justin’s Aunt Joyce told the Court how she witnessed the trauma her sister experienced watching her son die as she stood beside his blood drenched sheets and watch the hope dwindle from the doctors faces that fateful day in May 2009.

Denise, Justin’s mom told the Court that Death is like having a conversation you never finish and when it occurs because of someone else’s decision other than God, it is unforgivable in her eyes.  Also, she stated:  “I wish my son was here and could get a second chance, however Death is final. There are no appeals, second chances or considerations of parole. Thus the person who causes another’s death and receives a sentence from a judge and jury for his punishment should be final also!”  If the Court were to release this man this early after being involved in murder and other violent crimes, it would send the wrong message.  “You can commit the crime, participate in activities while locked up and you do not have to do the time!”  Denise also suggested to the Court that: “For the community and for Justin, Blayn Jiggetts has been sentenced to serve 12 years for his role and he should not be released a day sooner unless you can grant the same opportunity to Justin.”

On February 24, 2017, The Massachusetts State Board of Appeals DENIED Blayn Jiggetts request for parole!

God is good of of the time!




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