I MISS HIM SO MUCH!Over the past 24 hours, I have relived each moment of 7 years ago.  I woke up and thought of how we greeted one another that morning with a smile and kiss.  I thought of how you called out to me about 10:30 that morning when I was in the kitchen and you called out to me “Mom, Iove you! 

I thought about how we discussed being safe by watching news reports of accidents and other mishaps but never did I think that evening when I watched the news bulletin flash across my television set that a young man had been shot at Harvard University was you!

I sent you this card when you were 16 son and you gave it to me to hold on too.  I still have it and will share it with others today.  “In Case I Haven’t Told You How Much I I still have it today and echo the same thoughts.  I am so glad to have had a chance to tell you how proud of you. “In Case I Haven’t Told You Lately – I’m STILL Proud of you My Child.”

My heart was so heavy and destroyed and 7 years later it still is.  No parent should ever have to bury a child and no person that was as good of a person as you should have been murdered

Today, I know I echo a lot of parents feelings when their child has been taken away but murder.  Parents that still have children, please let them know how much you love them now.  Let’s not take them for granted.  There is no amount of time that will make you

CARD 2CARD 3forget.



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