7 years have passed. Missing you so much!

20131206_170128Today, with much sadness marks 7 years since my son Justin was shot.  The years are passing fast.  Each day I miss him more and more and would do anything to hear his voice again.  I am always a little confused as to whether I should recognize him on the day he was shot which is May 18 or May 19 when he died.

Today, I recognize him because when he was shot, we lost him.  Justin only regained consciousness for a short time which he was in the hospital.  I was not in the room at the moment but the nurse informed me that she had notified Justin I was there.

It bothers me that I did not get to tell him myself while he was conscious but Thank God that he knew I was there.

Murder is just about the worst thing that can happen to someone.  It does not only take the person’s life that was murdered but it drains the quality of life from everyone who loved that person.  This pain has not only affected my family but so many families are mourning.

Today, I recognize my son Justin Cosby.

I will always love you and miss you forever.


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