Sometimes we try everything we can to make life flow smoothly, however the bumps keep coming.  The trials and tribulations of life weighs heavily on many of us.  We make plans and life gets in the way.  We set goals and nothing seems to occur. Sometimes, we seem to being moving forward to achieving our dreams and we have set backs. We are taught to have faith and nothing still occurs. Everything we try, we seem to fail.

There are times when life just does not seem fair. Sometimes we fall in love and in a moment’s notice, we we lose our love. Many times we get lost in our losses. We work yet we don’t make enough money to cover our bills and achieve our comfort levels. We go to church and pray yet our prayers don’t seem to be answered. We think that we have found love and are off-times disappointed and hurt. We loose our loved ones and when people ask us how are we doing, we get tired of saying ok when we know we really are not. We get so tired of trying and nothing happens. We become weak and worried.

We wait for justice to be served through the courts and are often disappointed in it’s outcomes.

Whatever your issues are and no matter how many bumps in the road we encounter, we cannot give up!

All I know is that many of us are Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired! Many times we feel like throwing in the towel.  Amazingly though, The Anima Series presents powerful words that just might  help you hang that towel back up!   Enjoy!






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  1. This article reigns true for so many. One of the things we must realize is we are not alone. Many others have a some point in there lives have felt this way. However, what keeps me going is knowing; this too shall pass . Nothing last forever. Meaning God do and will easy or lift whatever is weighing you down I trust in God in every aspect of my life. He is a way maker.


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